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Oxygen Injection

Oxygen Facial

When Madonna and Emma Stone swear by them, you know oxygen facials are amazing.

Oxygen Facial

How It Works:

Using a double roller, we introduce 90-95% oxygen via hyaluronic acid-based serum into the skin. This method was originally pioneered by Intraceuticals, designed to deliver chemotherapy to skin cancer patients. This technique has been repurposed to bring you your most radiant skin.

The Key Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid naturally exists in the skin, binding to water to retain moisture. By delivering a specialized hyaluronic serum via oxygen injection, the skin will become refreshed and moisturized from the deepest layer of skin up.

How it works: Enhanced Absorption

Oxygen injection facials work by injecting 90 to 95 percent concentration oxygen directly into the skin to enhance delivery of serums. Normal room air only has 18-21 percent oxygen, so the high concentration oxygen will do wonders for your skin.

+ What should I expect?

Actually, that depends on you. Depending on your goals, you can have drastically different results. That's because we have several types of serums with different effects.

  1. Rejuvenate: Reduce wrinkle appearance
  2. Opulence: reduce hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin
  3. Clarity: reduce acne and restore moisture
  4. Atoxelene: plump lips and define eyes

+ Do oxygen facials really work?

Yes! Oxygen facials nourish the epidermal cells of the skin with pure, concentrated oxgyen. The results are instantaneous and you will leave feeling incredibly refreshed. That being said, we recommend this treatment as a skin rejuvenator before a big event or a small pick-me-up. Because the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) is constantly regenerating, the effects oxygen facial will last two weeks or so.

+ How long are treatments?

Oxygen therapy treatments are generally 30-45 minutes long. Results should last for 1-2 weeks after treatment.