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Picosecond Laser

The laser that is 1,000x faster than any other.

Step 1: Cleansing the Skin

Step 1: Cleansing the Skin

Step 2: Picosecond Laser

Step 2: Picosecond Laser

Step 3: Face Mask Post-Pico

Step 3: Face Mask Post-Pico

+ What does it treat?

The picosecond laser can treat birthmarks, melasma, sun damage, skin discoloration, acne scarring as well as laser hair removal. Recent studies have shown that the picosecond laser is better for darker skin tones as well.

+ How does it work?

The picosecond laser works the same as a normal laser – it shoots light extremely fast into the skin, and only the skin with excessive pigmentation will absorb the light. That light is converted into heat energy which breaks the skin cells with pigmentation into tiny pieces and the body removes them naturally. The picosecond laser is unique because by confining the width of the laser beam, it concentrates on smaller areas and is more efficient.

+ How long does it take?

Treatments generally last 45 minutes. We recommend 2-3 sessions for better results.

+ What should I expect?

The treatment itself is not painful at all - most patients rate it a 2 on a pain scale of 10. It may feel like a rubber band hitting your skin. You may also experience some redness immediately after the treatment, but we provide a nourishing face mask to re-nourish and re-hydrate the skin.

+ Am I an eligible candidate for picosecond laser treatment?

This depends on your skin type and skin condition - consult with us before beginning this treatment. There is also new promising studies that indicate picosecond laser treatment for those with darker skin tones.